Tom Simpson Memorial

Datum: 13 juli 2017 09:00 - 22:00

Plaats: Bédoin, France

Vandaag 50 jaar geleden, op 13 juli 1967 stierf de Britse wielrenner Tom Simspon op de flanken van de Mont Ventoux tijdens een verzengend hete etappe in de Tour de France.
Zijn dochter Joanne Simpson organiseert de Tom Simpson Memorial en iedereen is welkom aan de start om 9 uur in Bedoin om mee te fietsen naar de top en dus ook langs het monument.

De uitndodiging van Joanne op Facebook:

Dear friends
On July 13th 2017 it will be 50 years since my dad past away on the Mont Ventoux in France during the Tour de France.
To commemorate this day the Simpson Family and friends will be riding up the Mountain (bike or car).
By then, we will have restored the steps going up to the monument, they will be covered with a beautiful granite stone, donated by a Belgium Stone Company called Van Den Weghe (Zulte) and installed by Peter Seynaeve, a Belgian contractor.
Everybody is welcome to celebrate this day with us and ride up the mountain together.

Practical information
On July 13 th we will start the climb from Bedoin at about 9.00 am, and because we don’t want to disturb the locals in Bédoin too much I suggest we meet up on the parking a few 100m past the starting line on the D974 Route De Ventoux.
We will ride up to the top and then descend back down to the monument to officially re-open the beautiful restored steps.
We want to make it a memorable day with family and friends in honour of my dad !

Another Tom Simpson Memorial will be organised by a Belgian organization called “Sporta” on June 17th: : On this event Eddy Merckx will be present and Gella Vandecaveye (former Olympic and World Champion Judo.)

Van links naar rechts: Jane Simpson, Joanne Simpson, Helen Simpson en Barry Hoban

Eerdere edities van de Tom Simpson Memorial vonden plaats in 1997, 2002 en 2007.
Zie ook Tom Simpson.


84410 Bédoin, France




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  • 13 juli 2017 09:00 - 22:00

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